A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Smart Health Choices is about responsibility, risks, and rewards in making healthy lifestyle choices. It is consumer friendly, readable, credible, and doable. Every family needs this guide and reference for health promotion and healthy choices in daily living. It is a bible to good health.

—Loretta C. Ford, Co-founder of the Nurse Practitioner, Dean and Professor, Emerita, University of Rochester, School of Nursing

When a clinician tells you to “watch your diet and exercise,“A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Smart Health Choices tells you what that actually means in a way the average person can actually understand.

—Carolyn Buppert, NP, JD

A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Smart Health Choices captures the essence of the care NPs give. Partnering with a patient is what it is all about. This book gives folks a tool that helps them take charge of their lives, and choose the path to wellness, quality of life, and independence. It is a resource that I will recommend to all my patients and the students I teach. It exemplifies partnering for health at its finest.

—Mona Counts, PhD, CRNP, FNAP, FAANO, President, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

A Nurse Practitioners Guide to Smart Health Choices is about what nurse practitioners do best which is to teach people how to stay healthy and prevent disease. And while nurse practitioners are skilled at treating disease, we recognize that staying healthy is far better than fixing problems once they have developed.

—Susan Wysocki, RNC, NP, FAANP, President and CEO, National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH)

NPs, stand up and salute. Carla Mills has written a book to make all NPs proud. A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Smart Health Choices is a well written ‘how to’ manual for those contemplating a lower-risk lifestyle. Carla captures completely the holistic, integrated orientation unique to NP practice. Included in this tremendous work are the major lifestyle and behavioral causes of disease, disability, and premature death—plus action steps that help you stick to lifestyle changes you choose. This book is a gift to those who truly want to transform their health risks. It belongs on the shelf with other classics on patient empowerment.

—Eileen T. O’Grady, PhD, RN, NP, Policy Liaison, American College of Nurse Practitioners