A Nurse Practitioner's Guide to
Smart Health Choices

  • Take charge of your own health and health care
  • Prevent catastrophic health events
  • Control chronic illness
  • Improve the quality of your life

A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Smart Health Choices by Carla Mills, ARNP, lifts the mysterious veil of medicine so that you can make the right choices about your health and well being. (Click on the cover to view a larger image)

WINNER – 2008 National Best Books: Medical Reference !!!
WINNER – 2008 National Indie Excellence Book Award !!!
FINALIST – 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award !!

“A bible to good health”

—Loretta C. Ford, Co-founder of the Nurse Practitioner, Dean and Professor, Emerita, Univ. of Rochester, School of Nursing
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Your Life. Your Future. Your Choice.

Confused by all the conflicting information you hear about health, nutrition and exercise? In under 300 pages, Carla will give you a clear picture of where your greatest health risks lie, and what kind of action you need to take. View the Table of Contents

Are you at risk? Read an excerpt from page 21

How can I build a healthy life? Read an excerpt from pages 149-150

Dr. Robert Boyd Tober calls this book “required reading for every patient and every practicing healthcare provider in America.” Read the Foreword by Dr. Tober

As a Nurse Practitioner in private practice in Naples, Florida, Carla sees daily the uncontrolled risk factors that predetermine disease. Often these can be predicted years in advance. Carla wanted a way to help patients see more clearly how much choice they have in reducing major health risks. She wrote this book to help put you back in charge of your own health care. Read Carla’s Letter to Readers